Express Entry Draw 164

Express Entry Draw: Canada invites 4200 immigration candidates to apply for permanent residence in Canada

Canada invited 4200 candidates to apply for permanent residence in its 164th Express Entry draw on September 30 2020​

Canada invited 4200 candidates to apply for permanent residence in its 164th Express Entry draw on September 30 2020.

The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score required or consideration under this draw was 471. This draw saw a drop of one points in comparison of the draw #163 where the minimum CRS was 472. There appears to be a trend in gradual decrease in CRS points as we move further in 2020. This also was the third consecutive draw to include Federal Skilled Worker candidates as well making it the fifth “All programs” draw of 2020. Canada has so far conducted 31 Express Entry Draws this year so far.

Canada has so far invited 78,350 ITA’s to candidates in the Express Entry pool, an indication of Canada’s unwavering commitment to immigration.

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The majority of Express Entry draws happening in 2020 have been focused on Provincial Nominee and Canada Experience Class candidates. However, draws considering “all programs” are coming back strongly with an example of the latest 164th draw, the third all-program draw happening within a space of four weeks.

It is also being noticed that the number of invitations per draw are also on the rise. This draw, like the previous all program draw of September 116, invited 4200 applicants, a clear indication that Canada would want to make up on the lost time due to hampering caused by the Corona Virus and invite more applicants per draw. The frequency of draws are also expected to increase throughout the rest of 2020. 

Since its inception in January 2015, Express Entry application management system has allowed Canadian government to process applications under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), more efficiently as compared to the paper-based system that was in force before.

The system allows for evaluation and ranking of applicants comprehensively so as to allow for selection of only those that are expected to establish themselves quickly in Canada. The system chooses highest-ranked candidates by way of invitation rounds inviting selected number of candidates from the pool, usually within every two to three weeks. Selected candidates are then allowed 60 days to submit a complete Application for Permanent Residence in Canada along with supporting material and documentation to substantiate their claims about their age, educations qualifications, work experience and adaptability factors such as spouse’s qualifications and language skills, if applicable, presence of a close relative in Canada etc.

An Express Entry profile is not itself an Application for Permanent residence in Canada neither does an Invitation to Apply (ITA) guarantees permanent residence. An application goes through several steps after receiving the ITA involving submission of an application for permanent residence, paper screening of application, review of supporting documents and their contents and passing of background, security and medical checks. For more information on Express Entry eligibility and the CRS score, please read more..

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