Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Draws Oct. 15 21, 2019

Last week, draws were held for the Provincial Nominee Program in the following provinces:

British Columbia (B.C.):

The Skills Immigration and Express Entry draw held on October 15, resulted in a total of 277 invitations from five separate streams. The minimum score across all categories recorded 102 as the highest in EE category, compared to the 94 score of October 1st.

Prince Edward Island (PEI):

On October 17, invitations were issued for 146 candidates in Labor and Express Entry and 12 in Business Work Permit Entrepreneur category. The minimum score recorded 122 unlike September 19 draw presenting 115.


The draw held on October 17 was the largest of the three provinces, issuing a total of 986 invitations through the Express Entry program. The minimum score for this round was 67, which was 2 points lower than the draw of October 8.
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