Student Direct Stream – Fast Processing in 20 days


Student Direct Stream (SDS) offers fast and efficient processing of Study Permit Applications for Canada to students from Pakistan, India, China, Morocco, the Philippines. Senegal and Vietnam. The processing time is quick and within 20 calendar days for most of the applicants. 

The Student Direct Stream (SDS) is an efficient and expedited study permit processing program for students from selected countries who can demonstrate their financial sufficiency and suitable language skills required for them to pursue their studies in Canada successfully.  
The SDS program is currently available to legal residents who also reside in: China, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Senegal, and Morocco. Most
SDS applications are processed within 20 days.

Students applying through the SDS stream must provide the following documents with their application:

• Proof of a language test result from IELTS or TEF (French)

• Proof of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CAN $10,000

• Proof of full payment of tuition for the applicant’s first year of study

• Letter of acceptance from a post-secondary DLI

• Most recent secondary or post-secondary educational transcripts

• Proof of completion of upfront medical examination

Watch our presentation on Student Direct Stream for more information on the program

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