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Based in Toronto, Canada, Mr. Ismail is a  Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a Member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) He is also a Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). As such, being a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and Member of ICCRC, Mr. Ismail is recognized by government of Canada as an Authorized Representative who can deal with the Canadian immigration authorities on behalf of clients and can represent, advise or consult the clients regarding their Canadian immigration applications. The Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) certification confirms that the consultant is an authorized representative recognized by the Federal government organizations including the departments of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC), the Immigration Refugee Board, and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) as well as Provincial and Territorial Governments. They are required to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct. He works with, and on behalf of, his clients to assist them in successfully completing what can be a complicated process. 

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Ever dreamed of immigrating to Canada? Keep your dreams from becoming nightmares! Only an accredited ICCRC member can offer a service you can trust. For more details, please visit: -- The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

Too few people realize that ICCRC accreditation is mandatory for immigration consultants who charge a fee in Canada. An ICCRC member provides extensive assurances of competence and consumer protection. Ghost agents (dishonest people pretending to be immigration consultants) exploit consumers. 

One of the G8 countries, Canada is a favorite destination for immigrants who wish to find a new home, start a new life and build their career or develop a new business in a friendly environment renowned for its political and economic stability.

As new Canadian citizens, you can enjoy the freedom and luxury of Canadian lifestyle, great outdoor living, an excellent education system, and medical care for the entire family.  
Skilled Worker Immigration Program
You can immigrate to Canada if you are educated, experienced and fluent in English. Please fill out our Assesssment Form and email it to us on with your detailed resume outlining your job descriptions and dates of employment for an accurate assessment of your eligibility.


Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced that a new File Management System called Express Entry System will take effect from January 2015 to manage files under Economic class. To learn more about Express Entry, read our article here:

Canada Business Immigration Programs 

The Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has designed the Canada Business Immigration Programs in order to provide experienced business people and senior managers with a vehicle that may provide a unique opportunity to immigrate to Canada. You can fill out our Business Immigration Assessment Form and email it to us for assessment as a business immigrant.

If you have managed a business and accumulated a net worth of C $ 300,000 through your own endeavors, you may qualify as an Entrepreneur. [currently this program is suspended by the Canadian Government]

Provincial Business Immigration Programs:

There are several business immigration programs administered by various Canadian provinces to nominate businessmen interested in settling and establishing businesses in their respective province. Most popular provincial business immigration programs are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programs for Business.

Investor Immigrant Program (IIP):

The immigrant Investor Program was launched in the 1980's by the Government of Canada in order to give business people the opportunity to immigrate to Canada. The program allows potential investors to obtain permanent residence in Canada leading to the Canadian citizenship.

As an investor in Canada's economy you will receive special consideration:

Canada is very large country with huge development potential and opportunities. The provinces seek to maximize the potential by helping to finance the expansion of promising businesses and the creation of employment. Investors who wish to come to Canada, can do so under the Canadian Investor Program which is structured and guaranteed by the Government of Canada who participate in the Program.

Your qualifications as an Investor:
You qualify for the Program if you meet the following eligibility requirements, which have been determined by the government:

  • You have a worldwide net worth accumulated by your own endeavours, of at least $CAN1,600,000:
  • You have successfully operated, controlled or directed a business;
  • You undertake to make a $CAN800,000 investment to the Receiver General for Canada for a five-year term.

Your investment is fully secured:
Your investment is fully guaranteed by the participating Canadian provinces and/or territories, which have undertake to remit 100% of your investment at the end of the five-year period, without interest.Your special immigration status:
Under the program you and your family will receive an unconditional Canadian visa and you will all be entitled to:

  • Permanent residence status upon entering Canada;
  • Live, study and work anywhere in Canada;
  • Enter and leave Canada freely;
  • Apply for full Canadian citizenship three years following your permanent landing in Canada.

Financing Options:
We at AIA can arrange financing for your investor application from government of Canada approved financial and leading banking institutions in Canada through the Authorized Representatives associated with our firm. If you do not wish to liquidate your assets to come up with the $CAN800,000 to complete your investment, these financing plans are ideal for you.

These plans enable you to obtain a loan to complete your required investment to the Receiver General for Canada. They also limit your down payment substantially and allow you to meet all the requirements of the Immigrant Investor Program in order to obtain Canadian citizenship.

The reimbursement of the loan:
The reimbursement of your $CAN800,000 investment at maturity, by the Government of the participating provinces and/or territories, fully covers the principal and interest of the loan. No other cash disbursements will be required or remitted to you. The loan is locked for the five-year term.

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