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family sponsorship

Canada citizens or permanent residents who are at least 18 years and old can sponsor certain family members to come to Canada as permanent residents. 

Complete our family sponsorship assessment form to find your eligibility to sponsor your loved ones.

Spousal Sponsorship

Who can be sponsored to Canada?

You can sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada if you are willing to support them financially on your own and do not require social assistance from the government. Start your free assessment today to learn if you qualify or Learn more

You can sponsor your parents or grandparents if you meet the requirements of being a sponsor, submit the interest to sponsor form and invited to submit a complete. You are required to support them and their dependents financially ensure they do not resort to social assistance from the government. In addition, you can also support their Super Visa application. Start your free assessment today or Read more

Super Visa Program allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to  come to Canada on extended multi-entry visas. The duration of the visa could could last up to a total of 10 years and parents/grandparents can be allowed to stay for up to 2 years during each visit. Start your free assessment today or Learn more

Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor their dependent children abroad under the dependent child sponsorship program provided both sponsor and sponsored child meet the eligibility requirements as set out by the Government of Canada. Start your free assessment today or learn more

Some Canadian provinces offer immigration options for relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residence residing in those provinces. Start your free assessment today to allow our team undertake a research and determine if your relative might qualify for sponsorship under one of the available options.

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