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Detailed Assessment by Team of Experts

Please follow one of the following links and complete our online assessment form to allow us to make an assessment of your eligibility to immigrate to the country of your choice. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at info@amirismail.com with a detailed CV or profile.

Why Choose Formal Assessment?

Choosing to have your assessment carried out by one of our immigration and citizenship experts rather than online assessment and points calculator will ensure that you get an accurate and realistic idea about your eligibility. Our assessments are carried out by live human beings who are formally trained in immigration law and citizenship using their several years of experience in this field rather than an automated system that mainly depends on your own input and completely ignores important details about your profile, background, education, skills and other related information due to lack of ability to analyse the case from the perspective of an expert. The formal assessment will not only help you understand your eligibility but also may save you thousands of dollars by indicating your lacking or weak areas without overcoming which may lead to refusal.